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Without your entrepreneurial vision, and your creation of your company, and the computer design, and the manufacturing, and the delivery of a product where no mistakes were made from beginning to end. My contractor and I think that you are the genius who supplied us with the product to fulfill a vision. It is, quite simply, as beautiful a ceiling as I could ever had hoped for!

So thanks--and by all means use me as a reference. I'll talk glowingly about your coffered ceiling product to anyone!

Best Wishes,

Robert Wolff Hermosa Beach, CA 


Been wanting to shoot you a small note for a while now, but time just keeps going by!!!  Anyway, installed the ceiling I purchased from you quite awhile back, (my end of the project was on hold a bit ) and I just wanted to let you know that we, and Everybody that has seen it simply says how great it looks!!!  I could not have been more pleased with how easy the install went, and the way it turned out.

Great product you've developed, and top quality service from you.
Will, and have, passed your name on to other future customers.

From a 100% percent satisfied customer,

Ed Erdman Baltimore, MD


The owners loved it, the installers had no trouble with it, and we shall use your product again in the future. I will take some pics next time I visit their home!


Charles Rinek Charles Rinek Construction, Inc. - Palm Coast, FL

Hi Jason,

My goal was to have the Kitchen and Dining Room project completed by June 12th as I am having a graduation party for my daughter…………Well, we are done as of today and I can’t wait to hear all the comments when the remainder of my friends see the finished product. The comments to date were amazing and most people got a little kink in their neck looking at the Tilton ceiling for so long.

Thanks again for all your support and help during the process……….. The system really is AMAZING !!


Keith O'Reilly Lynbrook, NY


The ceiling turned out beautifully I must admit. We were just over there today admiring it, especially the Cherry Den/Office ceiling. With painted woodwork you can cover up an open miter with caulk, not so with stain grade Cherry hardwood. We were looking at the one acute angle and how tight the joint was. It would have been very difficult even for an expert craftsman to achieve that in the field.

I have to say, your system is the way to go. After all the painting was done we were able to put up and finish the Great Room in just 2 days. It would have taken a month the old way. We had to cut out for four lighting cans and two vents, otherwise it would have gone even faster.

Pictures really do not do it justice. All done, turned out beautiful.

Randy Sipe Bonita Springs, FL

Hi Jason,

The Installation went very smooth, the initial setup took my contractor some time given the two sets of 2-story scaffolding, planks, and protecting the walnut floor with homosote fiber board.

Their laser level worked great and the lead master carpenter elected to hand nail the coffer cover boards, since he felt this would eliminate the risk of a nail going off center and damaging the inset crown. They were very impressed with the system; start to finish 3.5 days not including the additional crown throughout the 2nd floor areas and Foyer which added 1.5 days.

The ceiling painting will be completed by end of today…very particular painters (4 Days). Will send you pics when completed!!


David Vicari Brick, NJ


It looks fantastic! I will send pictures tomorrow.
Our contractor did a great job too.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Thank You, 

Rodway Newman McLean, VA

Hello Jason,

Sorry I took a little bit to reply, very busy holiday season.  Hope you and your families had a good holiday.  

The ceiling is installed and looks great. No problem with installation and customer experience with your company was a breeze and very informative. The room is still in the process of being painted and furniture set up so as soon as its complete ill send you a pic of the finished product, so far looks good we are excited to see it all come together.  

With the help of some technology getting the paper work done and the installation guides for the room was very easy, and for someone who is not a expert in the field, it was very appreciated.  

Thank You,

Ralph Landolfi Trenton, NJ 


Ceiling is great - fitted perfectly. No issues / complaints at all. If you ever need a reference, I'd be happy too oblige!                                                                                                                                                                                      



Stephen Stamp Key West, FL


Everything came out spectacular.  The workman who installed it were amazed by the ease of installation.  It is the center piece of the room if not my entire first floor.  Everyone who visits has a comment.  My wife and I could not be happier.

I sent a video, right after completion so it does not have the ceiling lights installed.  If you would like other photos I would be happy to send them.


Ken Calemmo Atlantic City, NJ