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Jason Tilton of Tilton Coffered CeilingsJason Tilton
President & Inventor 


Our decorative, faux metal Beam Hanger brackets are made from a flexible resin material to replicate Forged Black Iron. Use them to add character and detail to your new Faux or Real Wood Ceiling Beams while simultaneously hiding unsightly seams and gaps. 

Beam Hanger Notes:

1. All Beam Hangers are sold without any Nut or Bolt Heads attached. The decorative Nut and/or Bolt Heads can be purchased separately HERE and applied with adhesive as desired. We recommend using ‘Bolt Head 1/2″D x 1″W’ and/or ‘Nut Head 5/8″D x 1″W’ with the Hangers.

2. All Beam Hangers are provided taller than needed and are intended to be trimmed to precise height by the installer for the best fitment.

3. Beam Hangers are only available with a downward facing angle in the various pitches/degrees listed in the options menu and as pictured.  

Features & Benefits


  • Multiple Sizes Available 
  • Precision Molded for Authentic Detail 
  • Black Color Throughout (Won’t Scratch or Wear Off)
  • Flexible and Able to be Trimmed 
  • Smooth Surface Texture
  • Waterproof


  • More Cost Effective than Real Forged Black Iron
  • Works on Both Faux & Real Wood Ceiling Beams 
  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • Great for Both Professionals & DIY’s
  • Maintenance Free 
  • Made in the USA to Support Our Economy

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