Wood Ceiling & Wall Planks – DOUGLAS FIR – ‘Quick-Lock’ T&G SHIPLAP w/ NICKEL GAP

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  • 200 Sq Ft Minimum Order Requirement
  • A 10% Quantity Overage is Recommended to Account for Waste (calculator does not include this)

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Tongue & Groove Shiplap

tongue and groove pine

Standard Length Planks are in Stock for Immediate Shipment
Random Length Planks Ship in 6 - 8 Weeks from Date of Order 


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Our Pre-Finished Douglas Fir, ‘Quick-Lock’ T&G Shiplap with Nickel Gap, Wood Ceiling & Wall Planks give you the popular 1/8 inch reveal of traditional shiplap paneling with the added benefits of an Interlocking Tongue & Groove profile.

Unlike conventional shiplap planks that simply overlap one another and must be face nailed when installed, the end-matched, ‘Quick-Lock’ Tongue and Groove (T&G) profile interlocks on ALL 4 edges (2 long sides + 2 short ends) eliminating the need for end-joint seams to be placed on a ceiling joist or wall stud. The resulting benefit is a Quick & Easy, Tight-Fitting, Low-Waste installation that can be Blind Nailed to conceal all fasteners.

Milled from premium-grade, Solid Douglas Fir to meet our 99% usable specifications, each plank is then factory finished with with a stain color and/or a hard, satin sheen top coat and UV cured for a super smooth surface with extreme durability.

What is Douglas Fir?

Many people tend to confuse Pine and Douglas Fir or think that there is no real difference between these two popular wood species. This is understandable because both are softwoods harvested in the northern hemisphere and are used extensively in the building trades for lumber, plywood, flooring and other woodworking projects.

While both species have their merits and are excellent choices for a variety of projects, there are some differences you should be aware of when considering which one you may want to purchase for your home:

1. Grain & Stability
Wood grain is an excellent indicator of overall stability. The closer together grain lines are, the more strength and stability there is to the wood. Pine tends to have broad grain lines that wander, and if not properly prepared and dried (like all of our Pine Planks are) the soft wood between those grain lines may expand and contract, causing cupping and twisting. Douglas Fir on the other hand, features a tight, flowing grain pattern that is naturally more resistant to warping and twisting.

2. Aesthetics
Pine’s grain structure varies in colors ranging from brown to yellow-white while Douglas Fir has a uniform dull-yellow color. Douglas Fir grain features a beautiful flowing effect that is absolutely stunning and because of its incredibly uniform appearance, it readily accepts a wide variety of finishes with great consistency.

Douglas Fir Tree

Features & Benefits


  • Interlocking Tongue & Groove (T&G)
  • ‘Quick-Lock’ End-Matching with Flush-Joint
  • Choice of 2 Textures & 8 Colors
  • Install Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally
  • Standard Length can be Installed in Patterns (i.e. Herringbone, Parquet)
  • Use on Ceilings and Walls (Accent Walls, Wainscoting) 


  • ‘Quick-Lock’ Feature Reduces Cuts & Waste by 30%
  • Installs Easily with Just Nails
  • Can be Blind Nailed to Conceal All Fasteners
  • Great for Both Professionals & DIY’s
  • Made in the USA to Support Our Economy



  • Interior
  • Exterior (Dry Conditions Only)
  • Ceiling Covering
  • Wall Covering
  • Wainscoting


  • Douglas Fir
    (Salvaged & Sustainably Certified)


  • 99% Usable


  • Cured & Kiln Dried to 6-8% Moisture Content


  • Mixed


  • Interlocking Tongue & Groove (T&G)
  • Shiplap with 1/8 inch “Nickel Gap” Reveal 
  • End-Matched with Flush-Joint
  • Relief Kerfs on Back 


  • 1 x 8 Nominal =  3/4″ x 7″ Actual
    (6 3/4″ Exposure when Interlocked)


  • 45-1/2″ (Standard Length)
  • Random Lengths (up to 8ft)


  • Smooth
  • Circle Sawn


  • Pre-Finished


  • 100% VOC Free
  • Furniture-Grade
  • Satin Sheen


  • Spray Applied in a Dust Free Environment
  • Cured with UV Lighting


  • Palletized for Nationwide Shipment via LTL Freight Carrier
  • 200 Sq Ft Minimum Order Requirement 


  • This is a Natural Wood Product. Color, Texture, and Grain Will Vary from Plank to Plank

Color Chart

The chart below shows the Finishes, Textures & Colors that both our Douglas Fir and Beetle Kill Pine T&G Shiplap Wood Ceiling & Wall Planks are available in. (Click Any Image to Enlarge)


Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth in FarmhouseFarmhouse
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth in Beach HouseBeach House
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth in Smoke HouseSmoke House
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth in Beetle Kill PineBeetle Kill Pine
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth PrimedPrimed
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Smooth UnfinishedNatural Clear Coat or Unfinished


Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut in BlacksmithBlacksmith
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut in StonewashStonewash
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut in CabinCabin
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut in HomesteadHomestead
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut PrimedPrimed
Tongue & Groove Ship Lap Ceiling & Wall Planks | Saw Cut UnfinishedNatural Clear Coat or Unfinished


How to Install


  • Blind Nail*

  • Face Nail*

*Adhesive Recommended in Conjunction with Nailing 

Get a Sample

Order a sample of this product via one of the following links:

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Wood Ceiling & Wall Planks – T&G SHIPLAP – PICK-4 SAMPLE KIT


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