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How Our System Works

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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System is based on individual coffer modules, which are combined to create the complete coffered ceiling assembly. Each coffer module is a unique piece of a custom ceiling decor, so each one is built to order in our modern production facility. There are no standard sizes with our coffered ceiling system. (see the anatomy of the coffer module below) 

The coffer module is more than just a crown molding assembly; each one has its own integrated ceiling panel that completely covers the central space within. This proprietary design means that each module can be individually leveled and adjusted to compensate for inconsistencies in the original ceiling surface without causing any negative effect on the fit or finish. The underlying ceiling condition and/or finish become irrelevant, since the coffers combine to form an entirely new pristine ceiling surface.


ceiling ideas

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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System addresses all of the weaknesses of conventional coffered ceiling installations, while, giving you the advantages of controlled cost, a pre-approved design, a dependable timeline, and secure profitability.

Now, to include a luxurious custom coffered ceiling in your project, all you need to do is:

      1. Measure the ceiling to be enhanced and submit the dimensions and desired options for a quote.
      2. Approve your quote and the finalized design drawings for production.
      3. Receive your Tilton Coffered Ceiling shipment at your project location.
      4. Install your new coffered ceiling in a fraction of the time versus all convention methods.
      5. Finish your new coffered ceiling in either paint or wood stain.
      6. Enjoy the results and adoration that will set your projects apart from the competition.

The end result is a superior, product you can confidently provide and install with a precise fit and finish no matter how uneven, crooked or imperfect the original ceiling surface may be