coffered ceiling, box beam ceiling


Our proprietary design combines the flexibility and craftsmanship of custom-made millwork with the advantages of a modern production facility to provide you with a true revolution in the way that coffered ceilings are designed, fabricated and installed. The following sections explain the details and specifics of our patent-pending coffered ceiling system.

How Our System Works

The Tilton Coffered Ceiling system is based on custom-built coffer modules that are designed to fit the designated ceiling surface perfectly. Pre-fabricated in our production facility, the modules are delivered to your project location, fixed to the ceiling surface and combined to create the distinctive coffered treatment. Our unique system is unlike anything else on the market today, and has made coffered ceilings a more practical option than ever before. Complete details can be found in this section.

What is Included

Each Tilton Coffered Ceiling order arrives to your project with fully fabricated custom modules that are ready to be installed on the designated ceiling. Also included are all of the necessary hardware, trim and components required to complete the installation. This section outlines what you can expect from your order, such as: design drawings, coffer modules, beam boards, perimeter moldings, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

Anatomy of the System 

Coffered ceilings consist of parts and components that may be unfamiliar, and our system includes some unique pieces designed to make installation and finishing easier than ever before. This section introduces you to the proper terminology, and shows you how the various components combine to create a classic coffered ceiling treatment.

Construction Standards & Specifications

We design and manufacture each Tilton coffered ceiling system to rigorous industry standards and specifications. In this section you will find a complete list.


Here you will find specific information about how your Tilton coffered ceiling system will be shipped and what to expect when it arrives.