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Each Tilton Coffered Ceiling System is designed and custom manufactured for a specific project and each can be customized in a nearly endless number of ways. Explore these sections for ceiling ideas and examples of how our coffered ceiling options can be tailor-fit for your current or upcoming projects.

Layout and Design

This is the foundation of each and every coffered ceiling: the shape of the coffers, their size, their layout and orientation in the room. Explore this section for examples of the most basic to very extravagant layouts and designs. Some of the possibilities may surprise you! Learn More Here…

Beam Styles & Sizing

The  beams are an integral element of every coffered ceiling design.  With the Tilton Coffered Ceiling system, the beams are also used to seamlessly join the individual coffer modules together. Learn More Here…

Ceiling Panel Types

Unlike a  conventional coffered ceiling, which  simply consists of beams applied to an existing ceiling surface, each Tilton Coffered Ceiling system includes custom pre-assembled coffer modules each with its own  integrated ceiling panel . This panel ensures that your existing ceiling surface is completely covered, while providing you with a number of unique design options.
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Crown Molding Styles

As with any interior moldings, the crown molding profile and size selected can alter the level of detail of the finished project from subtle to compelling. We offer a variety of both standard and custom options to ensure that your Tilton Coffered Ceiling will match – or contrast – with the style and décor of the existing or intended moldings throughout the other areas of your project.
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Decorative Enhancements

Customizing and adorning your Tilton Coffered Ceiling System is now easier than ever with our collection of offerings from White River™ Hardwoods

Material Options

Information on the available standard material options and combinations for the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System can be found in this section. Additionally, we can manufacture our system in a variety of exotic woods and custom materials to meet your projects requirements.
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Termination Options

The flexibility of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System design extends all the way to the edge: you can choose from our available termination design options to finish the perimeter of your system to meet the requirements of your project.
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Priming & Finishing Options

Tilton Coffered Ceiling systems are intended to be easy to install and finish. Our systems can be delivered pre-primed for painted applications or in raw wood for applications where they will be stained to match the other existing or specified woodwork.  Learn More Here…