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Elimination of Existing Ceiling Surface Issues

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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System is based on individual coffer modules, which are combined to create a complete coffered ceiling treatment. Each module is a unique piece of custom made-to-order millwork. There are no standard or stock sizes and every Tilton ceiling system is designed and manufactured to your exact project specifications.

The coffer modules that make up the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System are more than just an assembly of crown moldings; each has its own pre-installed beam walls along with an integrated ceiling panel that completely covers the central field of the coffer as well as the ceiling surface on which it is installed. This panel is just one of many critical design features that separate the proprietary Tilton Coffered Ceiling System from all conventional approaches to coffered ceiling construction.

Because the central coffer field is covered, the modules conceal every part of the original ceiling; once the entire system has been installed, no part of the original ceiling is visible. Furthermore, each module can be individually leveled and adjusted to compensate for inconsistencies in the original ceiling, and you can make these adjustments without causing any negative effect on the fit or finish.

These innovations mean that the underlying ceiling condition becomes irrelevant, since the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System coffers combine to form a pristine new ceiling. You no longer have to prepare and finish a smooth and level ceiling surface before installing a coffered ceiling treatment.

Eliminates the Irregularities of Existing Ceiling Surfaces

The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System eliminates all of the installation issues related to inconsistencies in the existing ceiling surface such as sloping, crowning, sagging, humps, waves or any combination of these. With conventional coffered ceiling installation methods, irregularities like these require extensive adjustment and tweaking during the installation process to trick the eye and hide the discrepancies. In addition to increasing the time, effort and cost required to complete the project, these modifications often produce an inferior final result.

Regardless of the existing ceiling surface conditions, our proprietary system, with its integrated ceiling panel, allows for complete and independent adjustment of each individual coffer module for a perfectly level and straight final finish each and every time.