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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System and Your Business

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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System was developed by Jason Tilton, a molding & millwork designer and interior remodeling contractor, who designed the system specifically for like-minded business owners in the building and remodeling industries. It address all of the weaknesses, headaches and hassles of conventional coffered ceiling projects, while also providing you with several major business advantages:

    • An Instant Quoting Process Using Our Exclusive Design & Quote Software
    • Controlled Costs that are Protected Through Our Trade Partner Program 
    • CAD Design Drawings for Client Presentation and Approval
    • A Fast and Dependable Production Timeline
    • A Reduction in the Knowledge and Skill Level Needed to Successfully Install a Coffered Ceiling
    • Reliable Profitability with a ‘Value Added’ Service  

Whether you are a Developer, Builder, General Contractor, Seasoned Carpenter or Interior Designer, the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System gives you the opportunity to include world-class custom coffered ceiling details in your current or upcoming projects.

Just Follow Our Simple 6-Step Process:

1.  Use one of our 3 simple methods to Get A Quote for your project.

2. Upon your approval of the quote we will provide you with custom CAD Design Drawings showing you exactly how your new coffered ceiling will look when scaled for your project.

3. Once you have reviewed your design drawings and we have completed any revisions, you will receive a final copy of the drawings to approve as the last step before your coffered ceiling system is put into production.

4. Your coffered ceiling system will be placed on our production schedule and will be ready for shipment in 4 – 6 weeks for Paint-Grade systems and 6 – 8 weeks for Stain-Grade systems.

5. Receive delivery of your new Tilton Coffered Ceiling System at your project location.

6. Install your coffered ceiling in a fraction of the time versus all conventional installation methods (or have a certified Tilton installer or referral partner do it for you).*

The end result is a high-quality, profitable product that you can confidently offer and provide on your projects. 

The innovation of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System is not limited to the technical benefits described above. We have also made coffered ceilings an attractive business proposition. Our patented system means that the design and quote are pre-approved and both the production and installation times are  fast and reliable. What’s more, become a member of our
Trade Partner Program and enjoy the benefit of exclusive pricing that protects your interest in our products.  

Our proprietary system means that you will achieve a precise fit and finish and a flawless coffered ceiling no matter how uneven, crooked or imperfect the original ceiling surface may be. And you will be able to do so with lower-skill labor in a fraction of the time.

All the unforeseen variables are taken out of the process, so you can  quickly and accurately determine your total cost before the  project begins. This means you can set your offering price to ensure a profit margin every time you use our system.  

*Certified Installers and Referral Partners not available in all areas.