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The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System has completely changed the way that coffered ceilings are used in residential and commercial projects. It offers breakthroughs in design, practicality, and reliability while preserving the classic “coffered ceiling look.”

The Top 8 Advantages of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System

When you select a Tilton Coffered Ceiling system for your new construction or renovation project you will benefit from several distinct advantages, including: limitless design possibilities; made to order customization; superior quality, fit and finish; an automated design and quote process; controlled costs; reliable lead times; a faster and easier installation; and the confidence to include coffered ceilings in your current and future projects. Visit this section for more details.

Elimination of Existing Ceiling Surface Issues

The Tilton Coffered Ceiling system completely covers the existing ceiling surface while providing the ability to correct for surfaces that are not level and/or flat . Find out more about this unique feature in this section.

The Tilton Coffered Ceiling System and Your Business

The Tilton Coffered Ceiling system was designed to achieve an aesthetic goal while respecting the practicalities of business. It addresses all of the weaknesses of conventional coffered ceiling installations, and provides you with a custom-fabricated all-inclusive system that can be installed in a fraction of the time versus all conventional methods. This means no unpleasant surprises during the installation or once your client sees the finished product, because the client has the opportunity to view and approve the design ahead of time. This is particularly important for designers and contractors; you can control costs and predict your bottom line while offering a superior product to your end clients. Find out more in this section.

Compare Our Coffered Ceiling System

Visit this section to compare our proprietary system to the conventional methods of designing, fabricating and installing a coffered ceiling from scratch on-site. The advantages of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling system will be clear.

Summary of Product Benefits

The benefits of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling System go beyond those listed above. Visit this section for a summary of some additional advantages that you may not expect, including advantages for your installation team