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coffered ceiling

At Tilton Coffered Ceilings, our core mission is to design and build the finest coffered ceiling system available anywhere in the world. However, this is only a means to an end: we want to help you gain the confidence to offer the beauty and style of a coffered ceiling more efficiently and reliably than you ever thought possible.

This is why we do more than just manufacture and ship you a custom coffered ceiling system; we are available to help you with every phase of your coffered ceiling project from design to installation. Our services are all intended to support this goal: complete success every time you use our products for a coffered ceiling treatment on your projects.

Design Services

A successful coffered ceiling installation begins with a strong and harmonious design that complements the overall look of the room. Many of our clients prefer to use our self-service design software to try different options and achieve the perfect design for them. However, we also offer complete ‘done-for-you’ design and rendering services for clients who prefer to let us perform the design work based on our years of experience. Find out more in this section.

Project Consulting

We understand that a coffered ceiling installation may be unfamiliar ground to many. Our Coffered Ceiling System is designed to be easy to plan for and install, but if any questions do come up, we are here to help with comprehensive project guidance services. This section has complete details.

Installation Services

Installation of a Tilton Coffered Ceiling is intended to be a simple and straightforward project, easily manageable by two people with basic carpentry skills and tools. However, we also realize that you may prefer to bring in an experienced team to handle the installation. Through our growing network of certified installers, we are offering installation services in select areas of the USA. Additional details can be found in this section.

Finishing Services

As a complement to the installation process, we also offer finishing services to ensure that your newly-installed coffered ceiling is truly the crown jewel of your room. Currently this service is only available on Long Island, NY. Find out more in this section.

Electrical & A/V Services

Coffered ceilings can present an unfamiliar process for electrical and A/V installations. Our experienced team can advise or assist you with routing and installation of cables, speakers and lighting fixtures. Currently this service is only available on Long Island, NY. Find out more in this section.