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The Top 8 Advantages of the Tilton Box-Beam System




The Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System is an ideal solution for Builders, Contractors and Designers working on premium residential or commercial projects with any types of ceilings.

It offers:

1. Unlimited Designs

The flexibility of the Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System allows us to create and/or replicate virtually any design pattern or layout. Whether you need to match specifications from a given project, have a design idea of your own, or want us to create a custom design for you, we can help.

2. Made to Order Manufacturing

There are no standard or stock sizes with the Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System. Each system is custom manufactured to precisely fit the intended ceiling area.

3. Controlled Costs

With the Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System you receive a fully customized, all-inclusive, ready-to-install product. As a result, your exact costs can be pre-determined up-front eliminating any surprise expenses along the way.

4. A Quick & Easy Design and Quote Process

Use our exclusive Design and Quote Software to easily quote a new coffered ceiling system in a matter of minutes or complete our Quote Request Form and we’ll do it for you.

5. A Consistently Superior Quality, Fit and Finish

The woodworking standards of the Tilton Coffered Ceilings production facility provide you with consistent and superior quality that just can‘t be matched in the field. Why trust your professional reputation to anything else?

6. Reliable Lead Times and Direct Shipments

Plan your project with confidence. As part of providing a precise and dependable product we offer reliable lead times and direct shipments to help keep your projects on schedule.

7. Fast and Simple Installations

Our pre-assembled system require only basic carpentry skills and tools to install with complete success. Projects completed with a Tilton Coffered Ceiling System can be completed in a fraction of the time and with greater precision than any conventional site-built methods, eliminating costly installation errors.

8. Complete Confidence and Ability

With no fear factor or uncertainty about the design, fabrication, or installation processes, you can now confidently include authentic box-beam coffered ceilings in your list of available services and upgrade options. Your clients will love the results.

How Will You Benefit?
Taken together, these coffered ceiling advantages allow you enjoy the precision, quality and authenticity that underlie every Tilton system, while also saving you time and freeing up your focus for the many other items that regularly demand your professional attention and expertise.