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BENEFITS – Box-Beam System

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The Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System is a premium solution that has completely changed the way that coffered ceiling treatments are accomplished. It offers breakthroughs in design capability, practicality, and precision while preserving the authentic box-beam detail unlike any other ceiling system on the market today.  

The Top 8 Advantages of the Tilton Box-Beam System

When you select a Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System for your new construction or renovation project you will benefit from several distinct advantages, including the confidence and ability to include custom coffered ceilings in your current and future projects.
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Elimination of Existing Ceiling Surface Issues

The Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System completely covers the existing ceiling surface while providing you with the unique ability to correct for surfaces that have deflection or are not perfectly level and/or flat . 
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Tilton Coffered Ceiling Systems and Your Business

All Tilton Coffered Ceiling Systems have been designed to achieve an aesthetic goal while respecting the practicalities of business. Find out how membership in our Trade Partner Program can help you expand your products and services to include coffered ceilings while adding an additional revenue stream to your business.
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Compare Our Box-Beam Ceiling System

Compare our proprietary system to the conventional methods of designing, fabricating and installing a coffered ceiling from scratch on-site. The advantages of the Tilton Coffered Ceiling system will be quite clear.
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Summary of Box-Beam System Benefits

The benefits of the Tilton Box-Beam Coffered Ceiling System go beyond those listed in the sections above. It also offers additional advantages that you may not expect, including those for your installation team.
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